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Short introduction to new opportunities of the easywebmanager 3.0

This month should be starting the third version of the content management system easywebmanager seems to be delivering even much more new and newer untill now discussed opportunities. For the many of the earlier content management system easywebmanager version's clients inquiries, some of the new opportunities will be disclosed in advance during this article.

The need of the integrated Google maps was known and actual for large scope of the e-business, CMS administrating users and developers, so finally this opportunity shall be given. This meens that easywebmanager 3.0 version includes more advanced WYSIWYG with integrated Google maps and of course many other content editing tools.

Practical and convenient search on your website is beeing very important and useful function, but what if you need to launch full any entry search from content management system as you need find and manage entries at once? Does your content management system allows it? However, this expactation is already released on easywebmanager 3.0 and enables full data search execution, filtering, sorting and etc.

Talking about modules structure and their inter connection, this possibility is also becoming much more flexible as it allows to combine individual modules. This can be understood by simple example: imagine, that there is a need of merging news and gallery modules on the content management system and display the combination on the web. It seems difficult, but as the matter fact, very easy to do so. The same easily way content management system 3.0. supports forms modeling and file management. These functions are improved by better use of and adapted to wide profile of needs.

Finally one of client's favorite module statistics is also improved. Detailed information about this and many other changes will be available soon.