Content Management System CMS

Content Management System CMS

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CMS features

Website administrator level access control.
Only loged user(administrator) can manage content of the given website.
All system administrators on easywebmanager system have permissions. Each administrator expose separate actions and rights to manage separate sections of the given website.

Template engine. 
System core developed based template engine. Template engine enable to easy install any design on your website.

Form generator engine.
All forms on your website can be managed by easywebmanager system. Form generator engine support data validation control.

Separate content, structure and design management.
Website content(information), system structure(programming code), design(website layout) managed separately.

Content approval.
System lets manage not published information, and choose to when you want to publish this information.

WYSIWYG editor.
People with average knowledge of word processing can create the content directly. No HTML knowledge needed.

Search engines friendly Content Management System.
Website administrator can optimize website for the search engines.
System core generate URL's automatically. Or you can set URL for every page manual. URL address is important for search engines.

Multilanguage support.
easywebmanager system support any language you want to use on your website or even CMS interface. System developed based on UTF-8 encoding.

Moduling system. 
Website structure grouped to seprate sections(modules) by different information layout. 

Website phrases.
All phrases or messages in all languages used on your website can be managed by easywebmanager system.

Website statistics.
Website statistics module lets you watch users clicks, referers, search engine robots, browsers, domains, user IP. That information is grouped by date.