Content Management System CMS

Content Management System CMS

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What is Easywebmanager CMS?

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Content Management System (CMS) - a variety of software tools, information systems, simplify the content (text and graphic) is managing the creation and modification of its content or structure should not be any special (programming) knowledge.

What is Easywebmanager  CMS?

Easywebmanager CMS is a software designed to manage / change / update web site information. The system is suitable for both small-scale projects and complex specific projects and e-commerce projects.

Each project can be adapted according to the needs of large modules already developed easywebmanager a wide range of system modules. In exceptional cases, the system can adapt and extend to specific solutions.

Easywebmanager system architecture is designed in such a principle that consists of individual modules. The main modules of the system provides the ability to create texts, edit menu, to administer the program users to manage both the visual and graphic information, various documents (pdf, doc, xls, etc.).. The system can be easily widened with additional specific modules adapted to your specific needs, for example.: News, articles, goods or services, catalogs, and various e-commerce modules - products and services and order execution module, banking and other forms of payments, sending newsletters. For more information on the modules.

Easywebmanager CMS is constantly being improved and developed to adapt to modern trends and requirements. The system can continuously update and install new modules and extend management functionality.

Easywebmanager readily compatible data exchange with other XML-based systems, and your publishes news, articles or products which may be parallel to the other sites. Possibly, the reverse data exchange, where other systems can store information loaded into your site.