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Content Management System CMS

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Content Management System easywebmanager 2.0 new opportunities for new perspectives

Newly started content management system easywebmanager 2.0 version marks brand new decisional features of the graphical user interface conception and novel opportunities of the functional components, also finished PHP 5 version compatibility. Summary discuss about some main functional features installed into a new version of the easywebmanager system is being represented.

One of the main and surely most important advantage of the new content management system easywebmanager 2.0 version is update engine, realized for the different system version update purposes. The update engine supports the online recognition of all installed easywebmanager systems and selects of needed functional sets. Mentionable fact is that referred update engine was realized for the first time among web applications.

The second functional CMS upgrade � XML base integrated SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) that supports data exchange opportunity among any installation platform systems. Basic use case of the protocol is suitably prepared data for transfering gives the the result of opportunity to publish any required information at the same time on many different websites.

For the data import and export in csv data format specialized import/export data management method has been developed. This method is specifically useful in multilanguage case when the information on the website must be presented in several languages content.

Another one important data management event is XML RSS (Really Simple Sindication) technology that in contribution of special software allows automatic collection of periodically updated information such as articles, news, adverts and etc. It's important to remember, that referred data collection doesn't require to visit website so this operation can be done by managing channels of the special software.

New administrative tools in the easywebmanager 2.0 version can be also found. Such opportunities like the availability of setting the permission for the different administrators levels not only for editing web pages content, but also giving different access to website languages and reachable modules. For the possible occurances of the administrators mistakes, when some data records are accidently moved or even deleted, there is new function �trash�, which allows to backup records.

For the content management system users most favourite part of course remains webpage statistics which in the new content management system easywebmanager 2.0 version gets new 3D vizualization design and becomes more clearly understoodable and even more flexible.